Oksana Buchanan session with a Dutch Super Soldier, transcript in English



This session is shared freely with the world, but remains property of the author.

Nearly 4 million people got abducted. Very often in their sleep. Perhaps you too?

Memories are blocked or blanc slated. But even more people start to remember.

Sometimes with help of gifted persons like Oksana.

I don’t want any pity. I just want this to stop.

Knowledge is key

Knowledge is essential to get more consciousness about yourself and the situation on earth.

Perhaps this information can help people see and understand that heinous forces are ruling our beautiful planet.

They are not humans like we are. They are of different extraterrestrial races, like Reptoids, Dracos and others.

But 95% of the Reptilians are positive. On earth we have to deal with de bad ones. Helas.

Several destructive forces collaborate with the Nazi’s, who never lost WW11. They are still in control of humanity.

We The People do need courage to see what is really going on

As long as religion and fake spiritual ‘New Age’ believe that only love and light exists, we have a problem.

Because then the termites will continue to eat your home.

It is required we humans discover the corrupt forces behind the artificial smiles of the vile ruling classes on tv.

It is a must to know who they really are and what they actually do.

No, karma does not exist

It is the same dark mind-control program as “Mia Culpa” from the satanic Roman Ritual Child abuse Church.

No, you never ever choose to experience such wrong doings. It is of no use at all.

Because when you incarnate in this Martix planet, you have no idea what to expect.

No, you never ever learn anything from it. It’s just destruction.

Please tell your story too

As this will help shine a light on the malicious ones.

Because as long as they hide in darkness they can continue their abhorrent deeds.

It’s high time we rediscover who we truly are

We are loving and caring humans with godlike creative powers in our heartmind.

Together we will lift the ungodly veil of deceit and treachery of those wicked controllers.

We will create a good live for every human, animal and plant on earth.

Happiness, health and abundance in respect with nature on a pristine planet.



Lichtsoldaten, Kruger, Dark Fleet, SSP, moon base, Saturn base

Heavy implants, DNA manipulations, Nazi’s recruiting dead soldiers, mirror technology, black goo, cloning

Nazi’s, Draco, Dragan, Mantis, Feline, Lion, Grey, tall Ants, big Spiders, Dinosaur



Start of the session:


The person tells she is feeling terrible very often. Mostly due  to  a series of  accidents.

Since then she has severe nerve pains. Many other attacks. Everything went wrong. It feels like a prison.

As if a horse stays in a stable and wants to get out and run freely, but cannot.

It is very difficult to get out of it, to get rid of the programs.

Oksana: That’s how they want you to feel. It’s probably the implants. Let’s see how it goes. Let’s start and see.

I will be working with your subconsciousness basically. Now your subconsciousness sees what is happening and your consciousness mind is listening too and sends me impulses to see the situations. Because you want to get rid of it. All of it.

So, we can solve the problems together. This is the most powerful force you can get that your subconsciousness and consciousness minds both working together.

Oksana begins the trance regression session and starts talking

It’s like a metal chair. (The person gets a strong reaction of disgust in the body)

Dark room. Metal chair. Holes in the back. There is a cord going from the back.

There is a big metallic looking helmet on your  head. There is a cord from the back of the helmet going into the wall.

The other cords from the back go into a machine.

There is an old looking professor in a white robe. There is a mantis being that looks half mantis, half ant type creature, next to him. They talk telepathically together.

To me it feels like you just died in the World War II.

They picked you up as you were coming out of the body with all that trauma of being shot on the battle field.

Your name is Arthur. That’s your name. You are a Dutch soldier. Only 17 or 18 years old. Very young. You were recruited.

There is a lot of people from different countries participating in this. A lot of young people were recruited.

I just see so many dead bodies on the field. That is just crazy.

I see there is a big, large, German looking, round, old looking spaceship above the battle field.

I see the shadow covering the entire field. It is like kilometers long. That’s how huge that thing is.

They are syphoning in. They are just pulling out, as the energy body is leaving the physical body.

There is a light coming out of the bottom of the ship. It pulls you in, pulls you in, pulls you in.

They put you in one big room at first. It almost looks like a big hospital room. With a lot of metallic beds, old looking.

I have never seen matrasses on them. It’s like they put the energy bodies on the beds just like that.

They hook you up to it. Your wrists are strapped with the belts. And your feet the same way.

Than they feed on some sort of metallic looking implant on your head. Which makes you out. Your consciousness, as if was put immediately into sleep. Like anesthesia.

And I see 32 bodies, energy bodies like this around you, they just collected.

Than they do the scanner thing. They have on top, on the ceiling, above each bed, they have a scanning system.

That scans each and every one. Than they figure out what they can do with you. They classify you by your characteristics, abilities, your DNA. Then they decide what to do with you.

Because they are trying to multiply their army forces and enhance the abilities of their soldiers.

You have psychic abilities, I feel, that they put you by. They select you. They place you in a special group.

I see a big screen. Like a computer screen. Really large. It looks almost as if it  was built into the wall.

There is a keyboard on the table. This professor uses. The professor is French. Frans.

(Remark from the person later on: ‘Frans’ is Dutch for French. Interesting Oksana knows this)

They measure you. You know what they do?  Its’s like that chair that they put you on.

It’s different types of waves, impulses going through your energybody and they see how you react.

But then what they do, is they split you in 4 halves:

1 half they leave on the space ship. The other 3 they sent to incarnate on earth.

They need to anchor your energy bodies into physical bodies on earth, for   them to   be able to   use you.

And they are their special forces. Scouts they call them.

I see you in this uniform. I have seen this one before with someone. Interesting. Cadet of some academy in Sweden.

That’s one.

One is in Germany, Bavaria, comes to me. I see mountains. I see a little village.

Then I see Edinburgh, which is Scotland.

Because there is something about Scotland and their genes. They need you to connect with somebody who would have that particular genes. Because they want through you to breed certain kids with certain genetics.

All 3 of them are a man. Not woman. I see different things happening. But what they do.

They start their research and they start their training with you, with all 3 of these segregations, when you are a child.

And they would abduct you physically a lot. Into some German base. I see the moon, I see some other bases.

I even see Saturn. On the rings of Saturn there is some bases too. Military ones.

But mainly this moon room. It is very dark. It is almost like there are only 2 lights in it.

This one light is on the interrogator, or instructor.  But he sounds more like an interrogator. And then the one light in front is on you. I see like you get different people who would instruct you there. They are all wearing the Nazi uniforms.

It almost looks to me as if they are of different divisions of the same.

So there would be the same German empire type thing. The Nazi empire. But divided themselves.

I see they are preparing you for Dark Fleet, for Kruger. Mostly those. I see those first instructors belong to Dark Fleet and Kruger. That’s a beginning. It is just weird. It is sometimes they are nice to you. But then they go into very strict and very crazy things with you. And you always fear this one room. It’s like a laboratory. Where they do the experiments. Where they take your blood. They take your serums, like the lymphatic fluids. They take samples of epithelium.

They use syringes, needles, all these things. And you fear syringes. This scares you a lot.

You also see, there is a glass. It’s dark. It looks like a mirror. But is not a mirror.

You can see through it there is another lab. And you see parts of human bodies just lying on the table.

Because you also have these psychic abilities, you can see through. In a way it is supposed to look like a mirror, but it is not.

I feel like that in your childhood you almost disliked mirrors, because of that.

And also, white robes of doctors. This is like a big, huge fear. It is all-in your head and your chest.

There is a big grey, I cannot even really put it into form, It is just as if there is a big splutter of energy of fear in your stomach.

Because when they would take you from your bed at night, you would never know what they would do today.

First it would be instructions. Then it would be brainwashing on some sort of a chair.

But sometimes I see a few kids sitting at the same time on chairs. There are 4 of you. With you in total 5.

And they would, as like, you know how they put dulls on a kind of stick. It’s like a vertical stick with a ring that holds the neck of the doll. Because I see that ring attached to the back of the chair, upholding your head. That is just weird.

And then they would just ask you quickly questions. There is a virtual reality room like that.

There is a huge spider coming at you and you know it is going to eat you.

Because you have also gone through, on different realities, being eaten by insects like this, like huge giant spiders.

They would go at you. And you would be held by this chair basically. And you are fixed.  You are strapped in the chair. Completely tied in. You cannot move. And you would literally experience this deep fear.

And that’s when they see that your mental body gets fractalized. And your emotional body does too.

Then they feed off segments off fragments of bodies like that. This is really very traumatic for you.

It is like as if you live 2 lives at the same time. Because as you go further, I see 37 lives at the same time.

And I see this number 38. But I see that its so odd. Its 338 lives. That a lot of lives.

So, in all of these lives they have been doing the same things over and over.

But they also were trying to mutate your DNA to improve your abilities.

Because at some point they switched from you being a man, in a male body into a female.

Because they start to run different programs with you.

There is even this program that you got about 20 clones. I see some cloning facility. It’s kind of weird.

Because I see 18 of them are not functioning. I think they are working on them to improve them or to restructure some.

Because they start falling apart. And before the expiration date I guess. So only the other 2 are functional.

This brings me to your life, when they take you from Poland. As a girl. 15 years old. Taken by the Nazi’s on   a train.

And you have been raped repeatedly by them. Repeatedly. You have quite a few lives like that.

When they would use you as a sexual slave.

And those 20 clones, for them were in the  SSP to use you.

It’s like they took 30% of your DNA. I hear the word in my head, the word Lichtsoldaten.

It’s like they took your DNA to inject into those Lichtsoldaten. Basically, they take the best of the best and combine them all.

So, they can make them invincible, type idea.

Because I see chunks of your DNA, of your strands are missing. 30% percent is missing.

But I also see that in reverse, it is like 50% of you is artificial designed. 30% is missing. And then the rest is 70%.

But out of that 70%, there is 50% that is not you. I feel is artificial designed energy. That is not even you.

So only 20% of your true you  is in your energy  body at this point.

After all the research they have done in experimentations, mutations of DNA and all of that, it is just that now.

So….  let’s go into your energy sphere and see all these cords.

It is almost as if there is around you a lot of machinery going on. Some of those suck your energy.

From the solar plexus down, I don’t even see your body, It’s like it is missing. When I come closer, It is black, it’s dark.

It’s like they are sucking all of your energy out of that part of your body. Just out.

They are actually taking 60% of your energy at all the times. For:

– the clones

– their machines

– a lot of things they use

– the robotics

– they use it even for their space ships to run on your energy

– But mostly your clones in SP

And then I see a lot of creatures in your energy sphere. Let me describe. I see 8.

  1. Looking like a dinosaur mixed with some sort of chicken, without a break. Or it is an amphibian being because It has big legs, big feet, webbed. It’s brown color. It is 3 different pallets of brown color. It has these dark, black eyes. That’s one.
  2. Dragon looking being. But Draco mixed with Dragon DNA. 75 Draco. The rest is Dragon. This is second.
  3. Looks like a tall black ant. When I touch him, he is a robotic creature? He would try to drag your energy body out of your physical body at night. It would give you nightmares designed for that.
  4. We touched this thing. It keeps turning back and forth into different beings. Ok, it’s a lion. It’s a Fellinoid.

Also connected to you through some lives. But they keep him in there.

  1. It’s like 3 German soldiers, with the one in charge. We touched this German soldier. It gives you a funky feeling.
  2. The one is that Mantis from that lab.
  3. The other one is that French professor.
  4. And another one is Grey. Little grey, slave grey.

And this German is in the lead of them. And he tells them what to do. It’s like he puts software programs in them.

Because they do exactly what he wants with you.

It is like a mirror technology around them to enhance them. Like there are millions of them around you.

And it is like a figure of you blending into another figure of you. And yet another figure. And there is a circle of them around you. And first of all it is supposed to destruct you from real life.

Second of all, It distorts a lot of situations, a lot of perceptions of you what is going on.

It distorts your own feelings. So, you get your own feelings from your own essence, from the 20% that you have, of people. How they are, what you feel about them. And 80% of the times the perception is distorted.

So you would think that this person is a positive one.

While in fact this person is totally a 100% Matrix negative person who tries  to  take advantage of you.

I see what your are doing now (your conscious being), I tell you first.

I looked on the back of the helmet that you have. It is like two big rods sticking out. It really making me feel sick.

It’s like two big holes in there, or something. So, you are telling me you need to unscrew this helmet first from the back first.

it is made out of different parts. It is almost as if they are soldered together. It looks like a skull.

But an artificial skull, seated over the regular skull.  So you take the rods out. You unscrew them. You have to do this, to unscrew them. You take the helmet out. Into a degrader box. For this is for lots of things coming out. This is first.

– Metallic cord on the spinal cord. Next. Out.

– Next: eyes, some monocular in each eye, separate ones. Two. Out.

– Ears: 2 microphones in both ears. Out.

– Little chips in under some molars. Bottom. Out.

– Neck: on the sides are some plates. Little tiny plates on both sides. They have some technology.

Something that you would say that you don’t want to say, or distorts your speech. Or makes you not coherent in speech.

To out.

– Heart: plate, metallic looking plate. Bronze color. With the different 3 colors of the wires. Produce impulses, vibration.

Distorts the electromagnetic field of the heart and soul connection. Out. In the box.

?   Something that holds the?  together from the inside. It’s like an exoskeleton effect. Overlaid from inside. So, they can keep it

It is somehow connected to your ability to expand yourself to expand your essence, to make yourself stronger, but yet you cannot.

Also in the physical this affects your immune system, your lymphatic system, your organs in the chest area and the torso.

– There is a strange light in the solar plexus. It looks like a black ball. It looks like there is a black metal ball there. You are also taking this out. You know how it goes. It connects down to your uterus. It connects to your ovaries. It connects to your reproductive organs, all of them.

And   it opens –  it’s like a  cavity –  inserted into your … (Oksana sighs heavily, then continues)  down there, between your legs.

It’s like your body has this thing.

You know what they try to do? I see 56 hybrids. 32 attempts to them failed.

That would be the Draco who would come to you and just rape you in the esoteric.

Stating from the very early age. I see you at 9, aged 9.

And he would create these hybrids because you are such a pure energy. And you got multidimensional DNA that you carry.

He would want to use it to create hybrids. He wanted an army of hybrids from you.

Those who survived are serving. Very smart. They are on the moon and mars.

Some of them are in some positions dialing with data, technology data. Good at physics, math, that type of thing.

They actually took away all your abilities, because what the hybrids have, you don’t have. They took it from you.

Your abilities to process al lot of information or to connect or to be good with technology, which you actually are very good at.  But they blocked it completely. It is all DNA manipulation to make you feel you are dumb and stupid. That you don’t know much, and that you can never be successful. And they keep it on repeat. And it is through that software programs in your metallic implant that you took it off you head.

That’s the one that creates…   You know, It looks like an old cd disk, you used to play music with.

But they are actually, in your case, metallic disks that put you the same situation. The same story, the same over and over and over. Dealing with, let’s say, like you want to create a family, or you want to have a partner, or you want to have a good friend. You know, they would always try to break in. Unless that partner or good friend is a high consciousness and he or she could understand that something is off. And they would support you. They would kind of help you.

Basically, what your friend did. She knew what is going on about you. (She arranged the session. Thanks.)

They knew a lot of information about you to put these things together.

You get a lot of stuff out. Stuff like about yourself and others, the world around you.

It’s kind of you are lucky to do this know, that is exactly like what you said.

Otherwise it’s like a black hole without the exit point. You have got a huge container of these implants.

You are pulling out some fibers. They used to inject you into through your spinal cord that big cable of black goo.

That then they would spread through all the capillary, all the veins, in  your body.

They look like formed like big long strings, its almost like ropes that they seed in. And you are pulling them all out, all out.

There are 44 of them. Some of them are shorter, some of them are longer. And they all connect.

It is almost like a trunk of a tree that grows branches on both sides. Lots of them. They are the ones who are designed to grow. It doesn’t even matter if they are inside your veins or capillary, or cardio-vascular system all together. It will grow through. It is like it will poke holes, it will grow branches and connect to another string, yet another string. I see them vertical strings.

So you pull them all out and you put them in this box. They look like they are long worms. You put them in the container.

And you are taking like a big stick with a fire-top, like a giant match. And you put this inside the box and you just put it on fire.  And you program this fire to melt everything to the point zero. The fire is melting the dangerous implants to the point zero. So, it does go down. It melts, melts, melts. It looks now like a liquid metal puddle. And you just open up a big, large black hole, It is just here. And you prod all those 8 beings and you push all those implants in there.

And then you order this, he is almost like a colonel, or somebody in charge, this German guy, standing there.

His name is with something sounding like an 8, Herald or something like that. You tell him to bring everything. Paper copies, files, computer data, to show you. Delete. Everything that connects you to the programs. Everything. It’s like a multi-layer thing. It really is.

Because if you look outside, like if you step out of your energy sphere. You see the technology around you. It’s like a glowing bright electric bleu ankh.

(Person later on: That’s why I don’t like the Egyptian symbol ankh at all. It’s used for evil control.)

It’s like a ring of electricity around your energy body that is supposed to keep steering people away from you. Or create conflict in between you and those people. So, you would not get to the bottom of your problems. But you did anyway. Because you made the intention you wanted it, thus you got help.

So, he brings like an old yellowish computer. I see 3 files. And you tell him to delete the files.

And then you say: ‘No, let me do this myself. I trust myself only.’ So, you come to the computer. You erase the files.

I see you clicking on each of them, each of the 3. Then they just get deleted. Gone.

And then he gives you a big box with papers. There has got to be like 300 papers inside. This is a lot.

You know what you do? You create like a big, almost looks like a needle with a point. Like a stick, but made out of crystal. You create it out of your energy. And you put it through all these papers.

And you say: ‘I am done with all these contracts, I never agreed to them. You made me do it, as a little girl. You just tricked me into a lot of things. I know it now. I know better.’

And that crystal in all the papers, makes all the papers, that they just turn into dust. Now. And it disappeared.

And then you disconnect. You know what: you just going back to all these contracts. With your intention right now, you are going back to   each and every moment when they took your DNA samples from you, and you don’t let them do it.

You say: ‘NO, you are not allowed.’ And they don’t.

And then I see like those tubes with the clones are empty. Completely empty. And you disconnect from the hybrids,

from their system. That they don’t have your energy anymore. And that they don’t have your DNA anymore either.

It’s like they are gone. You changed the timeline here.

You also go back to all the injections, all the things they actually forced you to eat and drink.

Some of that stuff was black goo also. You go to all those moments, and you delete them from your timeline, from other timelines, from previous lives, and all of them.

I see like a big power of energy, like a golden ball of energy rolling through your lives, in changing timelines.

So, you can easily eliminate the trauma that way.

And then you go back to the moment when they split you in 4.

And you, right before they do it, you cancel it out. You cancel your permission. As if they never took you off.

As if they never took you when you left your physical body in that life at the battle field when your body died.

And you just call your energy body back, back, back.

To your bright opponent.

I cannot understand what opponent this is. Surely interesting. You call it Albakah. Its orange and yellow.

It’s got the yellow glow. Albaakaah, like this? No idea what this is. Very interesting bodies there. Large. Orange.

You are like these orange people. Red. With red hair. You are pretty tall. You have a large chest.

You don’t wear any clothing. You are mostly energetic.

And I see, yet, I understand now how you got that Fellenoid in your energetic sphere.

He is actually the one who took you from your planet. I see the Fellenoid forms and also… I don’t know who those are.

It’s like they created robotic creatures for themselves. Like they look like very thin odd dragoons.

Their faces kind of look dragonish but there is a lot of human to it. So, when you touch, it has 56% of human.

And the rest of this animal. Blunt.

It almost gives you the creeps looking at them. Because their eyes are completely black too.

They were Fellinoids. And they took over your planet. They just stormed in with lots of spaceships.

And they take a lot of your people.

You say: “They took all the Southern souls. And those Southern souls are all spread out. All over our planet.”

So, you go back to that moment and you show them what is going to happen. You go, right before they storm into your atmosphere with their fleet of spaceships, and you create like a glass sphere around your planet.

I cannot seem how you pronounce it. Alaabaakaah, with dubbel a. Something like that.

And then they cannot enter. It is closed.

Because you automatically share the information that you know from your session with everybody that has been in touch with, and especially with your race. So, you prevented that from happening on this timeline.

So, and you just disconnect from your clones, your hybrids.

DNA: so you have to teach the rest of your DNA to make it yours. So, you just go one by one and you repair them.

It looks there are 52 strands of DNA in you that you are repairing. You are repairing these strands right now with your fingers. It’s like you are gently stroking them with your energy. I cannot understand what you are doing. But there is so much power in those strokes. That you get them revived. It makes them go alive, you know, to structure them just like the way they used to be. That’s what you are doing now.

And now your energy bodies, the emotional and mental bodies, that carry all this fractalizations.

There is a lot of, it looks like holes. But they look more like large openings. Prolonged. It looks like scars or something.

And you just want to heal them. It’s like you peel off all the trauma that was stuck on you from previous lives and from this life. You are peeling them, little by little. And it looks to me almost like, imagine, dark, grey stickers. But they are all different shapes. That’s what you are doing now, from your emotional and mental bodies.

They would just use those bodies to manipulate you.

You take it all off. You fast   ?

You put everything in this black hole, portal that you opened in the energy sphere. It’s like a garbage shoot in a way.

You close that one.

And then you create a separate portal for the beings. For the 8 beings. You tell them to go: ‘It’s time to go. You have to go.’

You are saying them that you broke all the connections to them and everything to them. So, they can go. And they are going. Because nothing is connecting them to you anymore. Before that they were connected by the use of the implants- system.

But now not anymore. So, they are just going. Leaving your energy sphere. They left.

Then you close the portal. You also closed the black hole portal.

It’s done.  I see you clean. I see you getting, …  I am telling you to expand your essence.

All you do. All you want you wish for it:

You wish to expand. You wish to become warmer.

You wish to get more energy. All your energy is back. Nobody is taking your energy anymore.

All the implants are gone.

You just expand your energy and raise your vibrations.

That is all you have to do. That’s what you are doing.

And I see you are getting brighter. It’s like an orange color, a yellow glow.

Alkaabaahtah. Wait: you call yourself Alkaabaahtah. I think. It’s a race of beings. Yeh.

It’s like your memories are coming back. And your subconsciousness is clearer.

In terms of remembering how you are. And seeing things. You can hear better. It’s all back to normal right now.

I see you 100% belong to yourself with your original DNA of 52 strands.

You are done. This cleansing part is finished. You can ask questions if you want.

The person: Thank you so much. Great. Also, thanks to my friend who arranged this.

After the session we talk about the things happening in my daily life.

Oksana: it is like they wanted you to have a bad life as a human, so you would prefer the Super Soldier Program. Because when you are there, everything is provided for (not in the best way). But on earth they keep you in the programs having problems providing for yourself.

You truly know other Super Soldiers. You have been in all the programs. They wanted to use you all the time.

As you are also very smart and brilliant. Intuitive, psychic. Very good strategic.

But you also have a lot of German in you. That’s another aspect.

The Person: We live here next to the German border. We are used to travel an do shopping on each side. Nice.

And my father was in both World Wars, my mother in the last one.

And they didn’t want us to hate Germans. So, I don’t. We also have German family. I really like Germans, very nice people.

But I do feel a hatred against Nazi’s. I have a deep feeling of disgust. Nazi’s are a different race.

I have seen myself as a child in World War 11. I once worked for a spiritual organization in Heigenbrücken. That was a Kurort, a healing place, in the Spessart. Very beautiful. So, I walked a lot in the park, the wood. There is a railroad.

One day I saw the train passing by. And all of a sudden it changed into these brown transportation wagons of the Jews, during WWII. Then I see myself inside as a child of 12. And I then died in the gas chambers.

Oksana: yes, you do. I see 5 lives of you in World War II. Each time you were taken. There is a lot of trauma in those.

The Person: I have been in the gas chambers. And Mengele was experimenting on me. He was doing the mind control on me. He wanted to have my telepathic abilities.  I then died of the experiments.

Oksana: yes. They always put you through tragic deaths, according to their scenario’s.

Oksana: But you did this session all by yourself. I was just   You don’t need help from others.

It is all Matrix to ask for angels, god. But we are as a spirit very strong. We can do it ourselves.

It is just meant to distract you, get your money, get your energy.

Most people get stuck in this; “I have to do meditation with angels”- thing. They have no clue what is really going on.

The Person: I often feel my earth family is not my family. We don’t understand each other.

Oksana: The Matrix put families together of different groups, so they never understand each other.

In this Matrix family very often is supposed to fight with each other. And this whole idea of happy family is just crazy as it very often does not exist.